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Solar PV Creating Our Cooler Future

Solar PV Farms are now being built onto large masses of water. What are the benefits? Well if we look at the weather patterns in recent years we would have noticed floods followed by droughts and fires. By building a Solar PV plant on a dam or lake we prevent evaporation of the water, we also protect the PV solution from fires, the panels operate more efficiently as they are cooler, the body of water is not taking up living space in countries where land is not readily available for larger Solar PV plants. The installation will have to have the correct protection against moisture ingress and corrosion. Should a fire start the PV farm would contain the fire, reducing risk to the surroundings.

We also have wind farms being built in the ocean, reducing their footprint on the land.

Building Integration is beginning to play a big part in the green energy space, Facades of buildings that were once made of glass can now have glass that generates electricity, while keeping the offices cool.

Batteries – Li Ion technology is improving constantly making Li Ion more efficient, and at a lower cost. There is a lot of research around Sodium Ion batteries for higher voltage applications and then Nuclear batteries (not sure about the waste management of these).