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Solar PV Panels

There is enough sunlight in one year to power the world for x number of years.

The solar PV Cell is one of the greatest inventions of our time and there are various manufacturing processes to make the Solar Cells, with some being more efficient in producing power whilst others are more efficient to manufacture from a cost perspective. Then we have Concentrated multi junction PV which has almost double the efficiency of a standard PV module, but needs to track the sun in order to produce power efficiently. These modules have been used in outer space for many years and are extremely reliable, they cost considerably more than standard PV modules, however if one looks at the levellised cost of energy over the lifecycle of the solar plant then HCPV is difficult to beat.

Why does it matter?

The biophotovoltaic device is biodegradable, meaning it might be used in items such as solar panels or batteries, which could decompose in a garden compost pile when used up. Using a plain ink jet printer to create the “battery” makes them cheap, accessible and environmentally friendly, unlike current batteries that use heavy metals and plastics. The devices are around 10 centimeters thick and can be printed in a variety of sizes.

As we all look to renewable energy for different reasons, such as wanting to go off grid due to a dislike of our utility company or to save the environment, Solar PV is one of the greenest energy sources available. The sun shines on the earth at no cost, Silicon Solar PV panels can be recycled which means that the only non-green part is the manufacturing and  mining processes if fossil fuels are used to power these processes.

A solar PV panel is carbon neutral within about 2 years.

The race is on as new materials are being found and developed or stabilized for Solar Power generation applications.

What size panels do you need, which solution and technology is best for your application?

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